About Embrace The Experience

We are a blended family of five with three kids, a Great Dane and a Boa Imperator. Our current mission is to travel across the USA, visiting all the lower 48 states in 48 weeks. We left our sticks and bricks home behind at the end of 2021, and only kept what we could fit in our "Big Blue" Class A Motorhome. We had zero RV experience and zero YouTube experience when we started, but we're fast learners and having a blast documenting the journey along the way. We are business owners, working remotely from the road with the help of 12+ amazing team members at our headquarters in Atlanta, GA. Our three kids are 4, 10 and 14 years old with a zest for living adventurously that constantly causes us to raise the bar. We invite you to follow along as we press record and share the miles, the moments and the memories!

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